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in 21 tiava when the bin 22 is now. wanted I have my girlfriend with another man as I can remember (Jane, at the age of 21 years for cigars HTE this tiava bill and at the age of 23 years for men). if we were in bed we were talking about that while we had sex, she said yes, but tiava always said no. wanted both one night we left, he took his panties under her short skirt and she gave me did not tell my colleagues and a finger to it. Bill that I talked about this and I came home more than ever. , so text and convinced him he did and said hed shit, but she kept filling. So far I really loved tiava him and pushed him. is one more night, we left that seemed amazingly short skirt, boots, etc ( who looks like Anna Kournikova ) and all had to drink a lot and decided to go back to my house to swim. If you jumped in the pool that came up and said he played all the way back in the cab and I want yet. said he did not know, but if I really wanted to hhim, she I said yes and said the tired and went to bed. My room overlooks the pool was Bill, Jane, and the other couple was sitting on the steps of Bill and Tori sat beside him in front of him. i wathced from my window, looking for that every time another couple interrupted a couple of fingers slid to her then she got up and kissed Bill and Jane then pushed down the stairs again and approached him to suck for a few 15 minutes, until the other came back and spoke tiava to them. swam a little, then the other two said they were in the house tiava and let go. in seconds, Jane had her bikini and Bill was his fingering. then it automatically then steps back for more suucking n SH then looked at me and leaned to me and he put in anything and she was fucking condoms for a good 15 minutes, while he pulled it out , turned around and took it into her mouth and on her tits. then sucked it dry. and kissed him and swam a little I thought it whow to masturbate then put him to bed, but about 30 minutes later, I thought, what it is and this time he was riding in the middle of the lawn about 10 feet from my window I saw him again, this time reached deep into his career as seeds in the stomach. then they kissed and left. came to ask me what I thought I said it was amazing and took me an hour at least three times in his semen mixed with more of my best freinds seeds. that has taken a turn since then in my living room and is planning another soon. Please let me know what you think
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